About Tony Hakim

Tony Hakim is well known personal trainer, author and body building coach.

Tony Hakim is a Sydney-based Personal Trainer who deals in fitness, strength training and weight loss. He is a fitness guru and researcher, and well known for his ability to push his
clients to improve their physique far beyond what they thought was possible. To do this, Tony Hakim draws on a wealth of experience from years in the industry as a fitness model and body building competitor.

A word from the man himself:

“You cannot win if you do not challenge yourself first. Life is about establishing direction and overcoming obstacles to get there. Life isn’t easy – and neither is looking your best. If you let me work with you, we can overcome the barriers that lie in your way to achieve success in your physical and mental health.”

(Tony Hakim, 2013)

After all – if getting a great physique was so easy, where would be the challenge in that?


Knowledge and Experience

Tony is not only a world class personal trainer but also a distinguished researcher and blogger. Areas of expertise cover four main areas:

  • Exercise types and techniques
  • Nutrition
  • General Health
  • Mind and Body

Tony has extensive experience in the personal training industry. He has coached hundreds of clients in a number of countries, including New Zealand, Australia and in the heart of London, UK. Training techniques include a variety of well-studied movements and exercises. Having been through a number of injuries himself, Tony has a wealth of now ledge and experience to draw on first hand. He has trained clients to be injury free as well as fitter, faster and stronger.

Training with Tony is tough but fair, ensuring his clients are challenged but within their boundaries is key to their success, he believes.

“If you are willing to come to me and seek my advice, I will make sure every ounce of work you put in goes rewarded.”


Body Building Career

Tony Hakim has competed in numerous body building competitions in a number of countries, including IFBB events in Asia and Australasia. He has worked with some of top in the industry and has been guided by and continues to guide those still involved right up to today.

If you are interested in Body Building or general strength training, contact Tony Hakim for more information.