How to Get a Six-Pack

Aug 19th, 2014

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How to Get a Six-Pack

how to get a six-pack When it comes to body parts that are the visual epitome of fitness, a six-pack of abs is right up there. Getting a six-pack is often the ultimate goal of many a fitness junkie, but there’s often a lot of misinformation in regards to how to get those bristling abs. In this article, Tony Hakim is going to outline some of the reasons you might not be achieving a six-pack with your current workout regime as well as recommending a few exercises that might help you to that end.

Achieve the right balance

If you’re already well versed in working out and already know all of the moves that target your abs, yet still struggle to get a six-pack, there a few things you might want to consider.

Firstly, there is a possibility that you might be overdoing things. A common mistake is the idea that you should crank out as many crunches and lunges as you can 7 days a week. This is something of a mistake. Like any other muscle, abs don’t develop properly through endless reps, it’s far better to do a low number of reps and gradually increase the resistance over time as you get stronger.

Secondly, you also have to consider your lifestyle. Your workout efforts aren’t going to amount to much if you spend all day sipping on energy drinks and only sleep 5 hours a night. Good health, and the abs that come with it, is not just about lifting heavy things over and over; it’s a lifestyle choice.


Now we’ve settled your priorities, being that you need to get your life straight before your abs, here are a few reps you can do to help that along.



Knee Raise


Barbell Rollout

Tony Hakim hopes that this little guide will help you on your journey for those perfect washboard abs.

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