Kettlebell Drills for Beginners

Jul 17th, 2014

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Kettlebell Drills for Beginners

Workouts that utilise kettlebells, essentially weighted steel cannonballs with handles attached, are becoming more and more popular in exercise circles lately. This is due to the fact that routines utilising kettlebells combine traditional weight lifting exercises with full body cardio workouts that focus especially on your core. Tony Hakim is interested in promoting these full body fitness methods, so as an introduction; here are some kettlebell drills for beginners.


Starting with the kettlebell at your feet, squat down and pick it up, then stand making sure you drive through your heels and clench your butt. Reverse the process by lowering the kettlebell back on the ground.

Two-handed Swing

This move requires you to stand with your feet apart in a squatting position. Holding the kettlebell between your legs, swing it back and forth utilising your hips to as a thrusting force. This is the fundamental move using the kettlebell and will focus on improving your thighs, butt and back.

Standard Squat

While holding the kettlebell at eye-level so that you can see through the handle, with both hands, slowly squat towards the floor as low as you can whilst making sure that you keep your back straight.

Rack lift

A rack is a starting position of a kettlebell. Gripping the kettlebell firmly by the handle, put your fists in a position where they are facing straight down and pulled up to your chin. The kettlebell should be resting on your outer forearm. From this position, lift the kettlebell until your shoulder is straight above your head. Repeat.


This works just like a regular situp, except that you hold the kettlebell by its base just below your chest. Contract your abs to sit up and press the bell at the same time. It’s important to get the form on this one right as it carries the risk of injury.

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