Is Swimming During the Winter Healthy?

Aug 21st, 2014

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Is Swimming During the Winter Healthy?

swimming during the winter healthyAre you missing taking your regular morning swim because of the colder water temperatures? Well, it might be time to muster up your courage and take a dip because the nippy water is apparently really good for you. Here at Tony Hakim, we have discovered some of the benefits of winter swimming to share with you.

Swimming during the winter healthy: Boosts the immune system

A study done in the Czech Republic has found that we can increase the strength of our immunity by taking a winter swim. In the study, the participants were placed in cold water for three hours every week. It was discovered that our bodies are put under some mild physical stress when placed in freezing water. As a result of this, the body’s immune system kicks into gear to counter the attack. The participants in the study were found to have a higher count of white blood cells which means that their immune systems had become stronger as a result of the cold water.

Releases endorphins

Jumping into the chilly winter water will undoubtedly cause the body some amount of pain. When the body experiences pain, it naturally produces endorphins to try and relieve us from that pain. Endorphins are hormones that also cause a natural high, so if you are brave enough to take a winter splash you will feel energised and happy.

Increases blood flow

swimming during the winter healthyWhen you do take a winter plunge, the drop in temperature will cause your blood to flow to your major organs to keep them warm and protected. Then once you get out of the water and wrap yourself in a lovely warm towel and sit by the heater at home, your blood will move out to your extremities. This increase in your blood flow will help flush out your circulation, improving your complexion. It will also mean that your circulation to your extremities will improve generally, keeping you nice and warm throughout the winter months.

Increase testosterone and oestrogen

Cold water swimming has been found to increase the production of testosterone in men and oestrogen in women. This will increase your libido as well as your fertility.

Burns calories

Swimming is fantastic exercise, even when done in the summer months. But swimming in cold water makes your body fight to keep warm as well. This means it is working twice as hard and burning even more calories. This increased level of exercise will also improve your metabolism.

So Tony Hakim urges you to take the plunge in the winter water soon. Taking it slow in the beginning is important, and if you have a heart condition it is probably best to consult your doctor before jumping in. But if you are looking to feel healthy and invigorated this winter, a chilly swim is the way to go.


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